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Formed in 2012, ICIKART.COM has set the standard for high-performance Web hosting services. We are dedicated to provide the best web hosting services in the industry. ICIKART.COM is a debt-free and profitable privately held company.

As with any successful company, customer service is the key element to our success. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. Our support team is constantly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) accessible to our customers. Excellent customer care is a priority for our support team and they strive to make sure every question is answered adequately and thoroughly and help our customers with the long-run development of their web site.

Unlike most of the other hosting providers, who use single processor low end workstation class computers, ICIKART.COM only uses server class hardware. All accounts are provisioned on our multi-core, multi-cpu enterprise class servers. Featuring server class SAS and Raid1-10 hard drives and up to 32GB RAM, these servers offer truly amazing speed and stability. Search around our competitors and you will see that no other hosting company in this price range can match the performance of our servers and support team!

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% with SLA. That means your Web site is guaranteed operational 99.9% of the time in any calendar month, or your money back for that month.

(However, don’t expect to ever invoke this guarantee, extended downtime is extremely rare.)

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Talbert Abrams Chief Executive
Talbert Abrams Chief Executive
Talbert Abrams Chief Executive

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